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The Sex Pistols Experience

Mit über 1.000 Shows in Europa, Südamerika und den USA ist diese Band weltweit die Nr. 1 Tribute Band einer der kontroversesten Bands aller Zeiten. Die Sex Pistols Experience lässt das Publikum im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes die legendäre UK Punk Band erleben: sie sind so überzeugend, dass BBC, Sky TV, Channel 4, Fox TV und zuletzt der Film „Who Killed Nancy?“ die Band zum Nachspielen der Punk-Klassiker haben wollten.

Ebenso ist die Sex Pistols Experience die einzige von originalen Sex Pistols Mitgliedern abgesegnete Tributeband: In den USA waren sie zu Gast bei Jonesys Jukebox, der Radiosendung von SP-Gitarrist Steve Jones und traten Seite an Seite mit Glen Matlock auf der einzigen Sex Pistols Convention der Welt auf. Selbst Johnny Lydon, auch bekannt als Johnny Rotten, wünschte dem Tributesänger Johnny Rotter viel Erfolg.

Das wahre Kapital dieser Tributeband liegt aber in den Details, denn mit Hingabe legen die vier Engländer eine nahezu Originalgetreue Perfomance hin, um der Energie und Dynamik ihrer Idole zu deren Bestzeit 1977 gerecht zu werden. Schweißtreibend und explosiv wie die Sex Pistols selbst, hört man von dieser Band nicht nur alle Klassiker, sondern auch die ein oder andere Überraschung wie beispielsweise Songs von Sid Vicious Solo Album. Jeder Stein wird umgedreht, um die Diskographie der Sex Pistols zum Leben zu erwecken.

Vom Sunday Times Style Magazine zu einer der 50 „hottest things to see“ gewählt und als eine der besten Tribute Bands aller Zeiten betitelt, ist die Sex Pistols Experience ein Muss für Sex Pistols Fans.


The Sex Pistols Experience are The Worlds No1 professional tribute to the most outrageous & controversial band of all time. From their early beginnings performing pubs & clubs around England, they went on to make Worldwide reputation built from over 1,000+ performances. Having done extensive tours of the U.S.A (almost 100 U.S.A shows), toured throughout Europe, & Brazil South America, taking in cities from New York to Los Angeles, El Paso to Seattle, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, & Maringa, Berlin, Barcelona to Bradford & everywhere in-between.!

So convincing is the live show that the BBC, Sky TV, Channel4, Fox TV (in the U.S.) & lately the new movie ‘Who Killed Nancy?’ (out now on DVD) have all hired this band for re-enactments in film & T.V documentaries as the Sex Pistols/Sid & Nancy.

‘The Sex Pistols Experience’ are the only band to of had the thumbs-up of approval from the original Sex Pistols. Whilst on tour in America they were invited as ‘special guests’ on Jonesys Jukebox’ – the acclaimed radio show of Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Spending the afternoon being interviewed & playing a few Pistols favourites live on air together to million’s of listeners throughout Los Angeles & across the Worldwide web!
They appeared with Glen Matlock at the Worlds only Pistols convention day in Liverpool Cavern Club in 2006.
Then Granddaddy of Punk, & infamous leader ‘Johnny (Rotten) Lydon’ himself gave the seal of approval in 2008 at the Sex Pistols Hammersmith after show party in London when front men ‘Johnny Rotter’ & ‘Johnny Rotten’ finally came face to face, with mutual respect shown all around… “Well good luck with it” – Lydon said as they parted.

Sid Vicious’ guitarist ‘Steve Dior’ performed live with them on stage at the legendary 100 Club, & the band tour regularly with ‘Ed Tenpole Tudor’ star of the Sex Pistols movie ‘The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’, (bookings with Ed Tenpole as ‘Special guest’ can be arranged).

Their show has perfected the look and sound down to every last detail as they sweat out every ounce of energy to make sure each concert is as dynamic, explosive, & exciting as the real deal. They have captured perfectly all the spirit & energy of the Sex Pistols at their blistering peak 1977 period, blended with the ability of the seasoned musicians of their later reformation tours.
A rare chance to hear all the classics live from one of the most influential albums of all time – ‘Never Mind
the Bollocks’. Ripping through gigs with rousing renditions of ‘Pretty Vacant’, ‘God Save The Queen’, ‘Anarchy in the U.K’, & ‘Holidays in the Sun’. But also taking influence from ‘The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’, & Sid’s Vicious solo album ‘Sid Sings’. No stone is left unturned with a few surprises, B sides & rarities thrown in the mix.

The Sunday Times ‘Style magazine’ voted ‘The Sex Pistols Experience’ as one of the ‘Top 50 Hottest things to see’ in summer 2008 – right above the ‘Download festival’ & right behind the re-formed Led Zeppelin..! They gained recognition in Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the World – as ‘Pick of the Week’ of acts to see over the likes of Guns & Roses & Barry Manilow! Thereby elevating themselves to the top of the tree amongst the World’s most popular tribute bands. If you’re a Sex Pistols fan, this then this is the only worthwhile alternative – Who killed Bambi? – We did.! The Sex pistols Experience – a tribute to be proud of.!