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“Olga has quite an unusual voice, kind of like an angry cornered mongoose” – Jello Biafra
“I swear to God their approach to music is still gross and strong like a Vodka shot” – Malcom McLaren
“Their music will be listened to by 40 millions of Americans.” – Gene Simmons
“The best front wo’Man’ I’ve seen since Lee (Trash Talk) and Blag Jesus (The Dwarves) -Nick Oliveri
“One of My Fave all time bands here. They shred, They love, They are fukk as punk. Thank You SVETLANAS!” -Rikk Agnew
“The most dangerous band in the world.” – Dying Scene
“Svetlanas kicking major ass!” – New Noise Magazine (Issue 19)
“The Svetlanas is able to keep up such level of energy that seems like it will never stop throughout an entire set and then that energy is transferred to the crowd. Lead singer Olga was on stage, off stage in people’s faces then back on stage then in the crowd again throughout the set.” – Az Punk Scene
“Olga Svetlanas is Henry Rollins in female form.” – Punk in Vegas
“Svetlanas were simply unstoppable, with bodies constantly flying from the stage into the pit like crash test dummies.” – Dying Scene “Not punk enough was not a problem for The Svetlanas. This was a very entertaining set.” – Boston Groupie News

Mit energiegeladenen, wütenden Liveshows haben sich die SVETLANAS bereits über den ganzen Globus gespielt. Sängerin Olgas Bühnenshow sorgte dafür dass die Band 2014 aus ihrer Heimat Russland verbannt wurde. Glücklicherweise konnte die Band durch ihre Shows Fans wie Jello Biafra, Malcom McLaren oder Gene Simmons gewinnen. Neben der Moskauerin Olga am Gesang spielt das ehemalige Queens of the Stoneage und derzeit the Dwarves und Mondo Generator Mitglied Nick Olivieri in der Band Bass. Desweiteren spielen noch Ricky, Diste und Steve in der Band Gitarre und Schlagzeug!
Das neue Album wurde in Josh Hommes (Queens of the Stoneage. Eages of Death Metal) Punk Duck Studio in Los Angeles aufgenommen und produziert und wird Ende 2016/Anfang 2017 veröffentlichen. Der Song “Speedfreak” wird ein Tribut an Lemmy Kilmister sein und von Nick Olivieri gesungen. SVETLANAS touren permanent und auf den letzten Touren spielte die Band u.a. auf der Vans Warped Tour, SXSW und dem Rebellion Festival. Das Album “Naked Horse Rider” wurde 2015 veröffentlicht und von Blag Dahlia (the Dwarves) produziert. Es ist der Nachfolger auf zwei Splits mit the Adolescents und the Dwarves


With an angry, energetic and powerful live shows, SVETLANAS have been winning over audiences across the globe. Front woman Olga’s confrontational performances and threatening vocals got the act banned from Russia in 2014. Luckily, they helped win over punk fans and rock icons alike, from Jello Biafra to Malcolm McLaren to Kiss’s Gene Simmons. Svetlanas is not a one-woman show. In addition to Moscow native Olga on vocals, the band also features former Queens of the Stone Age and current Mondo Generator bassist Nick Oliveri. The sole American shares the stage with Italian guitarists and drummer, Ricky, Diste and Steve. The new record was recorded and produced at Josh Homme ’s (Queens of the Stone Age) Pink Duck Studios in Los Angeles (CA) earlier this year. It will be dropped between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 and it includes “Speedfreak”, a tribute to Lemmy (Motörhead) with Nick Oliveri on vocals. SVETLANAS are constantly on the road. Past tours include shows at SXSW, Vans Warped Tour, Rebellion Fest and more). They released “Naked Horse Rider” in 2015. The album was produced by Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves) that follows two major split records with American Punk Rock legends The Adolescents and The Dwarves.




26.01.18 ESP-Bilbao, Nave 9 museo maritimo
24.03.18 B-Aalst, Oilsjt Omploft
29.03.18 CH-Aarhaus, Musigburg
30.03.18 A-St. Pölten, Frei:Raum
01.04.18 D-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
02.04.18 D-Landau, Fatal
03.04.18 D-Würzburg, Immerhin
04.04.18 D-Potsdam, Archiv
05.04.18 D-Berlin, Cassiopeia
06.04.18 D-Schongau, Club Moritz
07.04.18 D-München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
08.04.18 D-Aachen, AZ
09.04.18 NL-Groningen, Lola
10.04.18 D-Essen, Don't Panic
11.04.18 D-Bremen, Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus
12.04.18 D-Hamburg, Menschenzoo
13.04.18 D-Kiel, Schaubude
14.04.18 D-Frankfurt, Au
21.04.18 UK-Manchester, Manchester Punk Fest
03.06.18 NL-Amsterdam, Rebellion Festival
16.06.18 D-Obernzenn, Wasted! Open Air
05.07.18 D-Husum, Speicher
07.07.18 D-Hünxe. Ruhrpott Rodeo
01.09.18 D-Spremberg, Landflucht Festival