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„Über uns wurden allerlei Vermutungen angestellt, zum Beipspiel dass wir von irgendeinem Mastermind einfach produziert wurden, aber das könnte nicht falscher sein!“ – Wir stellen euch hiermit IDestroy vor, angriffslustige Mädels aus Bristol, UK, die bereit sind, die Welt an sich zu reißen. Überaus passioniert und bestrebt, sich in der Musikindustrie zu behaupten, haben Idestroy sich bisher durch verschiedene Tourneen geschlagen und eine energische EP rausgehauen.

Die EP Vanity Loves Me fasst den roughen, jedoch sehr originellen und interessanten Sound der Band zusammen: voller Angst und purer Emotion preschen perfekte Melodien und ein grooviger Bass den Sound nach vorne, sodass die vier überaus sympathischen jungen Frauen völlig in ihrer Musik ausleben können. Dabei kommen die Einflüsse ihrer Idole zusammen: The Slits, Gossip und Motorhead. Der Titel Party-Punk wird dem Sound gerecht, denn die Mädels machen auch privat gern Party – jedoch nie ohne ein beachtliches Maß an Professionalität an den Tag zu legen, was ihre Tourbiografie in jungen Bandtagen bereits beweist.

Schmeißt einfach mal Vanity Loves Me auf euer nächsten Party an: ihr werdet nicht enttäuscht sein.


“A lot of assumptions are made about us, like that we’ve been masterminded by some manager bloke, but that couldn’t be more wrong!” Let us introduce you to IDestroy – a group of feisty females from Bristol, ready to take on the world. Fiercely passionate and determined to prove themselves in the music industry, IDestroy have already revelled hard on tour and released a raw and powerful EP. But who exactly are these punk dynamos? We catch up with members of the band to talk all things party, punk and pretty much everything in-between!

You only have to be introduced to these ladies, to appreciate their vibe. Bec excitedly elucidates their timetables: “Becky is on her way to Paris to do an interview for a documentary about Rickenacker Basses. I’m off to ATP Festival in Prestatyn, and Jenn is lecturing at a music college!” This clearly isn’t a lethargic bunch – exceptionally dedicated to their music, IDestroy are a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, which will only benefit their careers. It would be a delight to see them go far; they deserve success.

But how did these Bristol beauties meet? They explain, “Bec had been writing a collection of rock songs and needed a band to work with, she saw Becky and Jenn at a party and formed the band then and there over a few drinks!” And we all know that only the best ideas are formed whilst revelling…

As for their sound, IDestroy are original and interesting. With their EP, Vanity Loves Me clocking in at just over eleven minutes, it’s a short little number, but don’t let that fool you – it packs a punch. Reminiscent of punk legends The Slits, the perfectly formed melodies and bass lines drive the sound forward allowing the band to concentrate on showcasing their personalities and that vital punk edge. Bec proudly asserts the band’s feelings surrounding their creation, “It was recently described as ‘Party Punk’ – we think this sums it up pretty well.” Indeed, their simple yet perfectly formed concepts are archetypal Punk; loud, lucid and assured.

IDestroy are a honeyed mix of their idols: The Gossip, Beth Ditto and Motorhead. Delightfully chatty, full of energy and obsessed with music, it would seem that now their fame in Bristol has reached a high, that they’re ready to take over the world. Bec giggles, “Getting extra attention for the band is always great! It’s amazing to see people at our shows all over the UK wearing our T Shirts and wanting photos with us.” She continues, determinedly, “We want the to push the band as far as it will go, so it’s cool that the fans are getting excited about us already.”

Whilst Vanity Loves Me is a fusion of angst and raw emotions, IDestroy’s personalities appear to be in stark contrast and the trio seem to be thriving amongst the alternative music scene. Elucidating their tour antics comes all too easy: “We were up until around 6am, drinking with a local riot grrl band,” The band giggles, “We gate-crashed and open mic night and ended up playing a full band set whilst smashed!” Yet, make no mistake, whilst these girls like to party, there’s no doubt in their minds that there’s a job to be done. Bec looks astute, “We think it’s so important to get involved in all aspects of the music industry and to show others that we belong here”. And belong they do – with festivals this summer and some song-writing plans underway, IDestroy are all set to rock this summer.

If being in one of Bristol’s best up and coming bands wasn’t enough, when the girls aren’t in IDestroy, Bec plays guitar and song writes for art rockers, The Blue Aeroplanes and Becky plays bass for metal band, Triaxis. 100% dedicated to their craft, IDestroy are definitely a band to keep your eye on. Put Vanity Loves Me on at your next party, you won’t be disappointed…

Eleanor Carter